The Values of Project Lockdown

Our vision is guided by three core values. These are:


Project Lockdown is not just an organization; it is one big family. We constantly support and motivate each other and work together on making a positive change within our global community.


We consistently endeavor to reach our goals in an effective, time-efficient way. We also empower others in our team to do the same.


We recognize the importance of preserving and protecting our own Rights which must be protected at all costs. That is why it is our duty to inspire others to join the cause and become active agents of global change.

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Aside from the core values, PLD is guided by a keen sense of responsibility to be an agent of change for Human and Digital Rights. PLD always seeks to recognize the hard work of its members, who span the globe. “I personally feel very grateful for all the effort people have put into PLD and I do feel the responsibility for making sure people feel their effort went somewhere...That’s going to be my personal reward. Knowing that people are happy with the results.”, says Jean F. Queralt, the founder of PLD.

PLD is using these values and drive to continue our transition from monitoring COVID-19
non-pharmaceutical interventions to acting as a broader Human and Digital Rights observatory. For example, in December 2020, PLD participated in the g0v Summit, based out of Taiwan. Queralt in particular is very enthusiastic about the event. He comments, “It’s a very important event with a very interesting mix of forward-thinking politics plus civic tech, which is a very unique mix. And there’s been a lot of effort to get us there. I really want that to be a pivotal moment for PLD so that it can really take off.”

Right now, PLD is looking for new volunteers as the project continues to evolve. If you are interested in becoming a global agent of change with us, please fill out this form here and join our family!