Project Lockdown (PLD) is a human rights focused mapping platform built on open data using government sources for verified information. Browse the PLD Project Wiki on Github to learn more.



The Mission

Project Lockdown strives to empower citizens, journalists, and Rights Defenders by monitoring and analyzing the impact of thematic policies on Human and Digital Rights. Our team firmly believes that democracies have a duty to actively protect their citizen's Rights and set an example to follow by other systems of governance.

Our Approach

Founded on the values of transparency and accountability, Project Lockdown is committed to providing citizens of the world with the tools they need to stay safe and informed by measuring NPIs internationally recognized by human rights organizations.

Dataset Layers

Project Lockdown structures its data around DataSet Layers (DSL) that consolidate a number of datapoints measuring policies in their impact on Rights. Each thematic area of policy making is monitored on a separate DSL and accessible through an Open Data API and represented through our mapping platform.





Operational Framework


Government Sources

As part of the initiative's core methodology, the data available in Project Lockdown is primarily obtained from governmental sources. Not only we wish to provide reliable data directly from the corresponding authorities, most importantly we strive to provide information that is legally binding.

Rights-Focused Data

In our analisis of policies, we concentrate on those that directly affect Human or Digital Rights. This allows to provide metrics that analisis across territories that are informative and comparative. This approach is also allowing us to build our Global Rights Index.

Open Data

Staying true to our project values, all the data that we extract from public policies is made publicly accessible through our Open Data API. Our core methodology also includes a procedure to initiate deliberations in case there is a discrepancy in the data.





The Project Lockdown team is always looking for motivated and engaged volunteers to contribute their skills to the initiative. Find out how you can get involved and make a difference by checking the available positions on our GitHub repository or through the Expression of Interest form.


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